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Venthot 352

So I had to reschedule a date with this new person I met like a while back, so that I could spend time with the college guy.

We chilled, blazed and munched.
Right now I’m just here awake still pretty faded wanting dick.

I’m fighting the urges because my kitty boom, really needs a break.
I just rather have oral mode then anything though….

Redbox movies we saw were both pretty funny, I just felt way too cozy for a moment, I’m pretty sure if I get in rest now. I’ll wake up pretty frustrated!

Like seriously I’m so frustrated, yet its for the best right now. Tomorrow is anther day, and it will be good!

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"Do not call it heartbreak, your heart is not so fragile. It will not shatter for a
boy, it was made for a wolf with hungry, blood-red eyes."
And even then it will only howl | athelasss (via athelasss)

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"I need a nap and an orgasm."
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How tragic would this be if it was real…?


How tragic would this be if it was real…?

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